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I know I am currently at my laptop, i know I am listening to Hysteria By Muse, I know that I'll try writing more later tonight, but might end up wasting time on the internet again, I know I got a hair cut earlier today, I know I had Chicken for dinner, I know i helped my mom get the carpeting out of her room earlier today, I know I went to cedar point with my churches youth group yesterday, I know I kept yelling at one of my friends and her boyfriend to stop kissing because it was the youth group's rule to behave while we were there, I know I need to take segment two of drivers training but i wont be able to until August, I know i turn 17 in September which seems to be coming way to fast. This I'm pretty sure of. I know My brother went into the marine corp after high school, I know after he was done, he came back home and went back to school, I know after he was done with school he bought a house somewhere in the supposedly bad part of Michigan, I know he is know married, to a girl who has the same name as my biological sister which can make things kinda confusing. I know My sister Finished collage and now lives in west Virginia, I know she hates it there but enjoys her job there, I know the beliefs she had when I was young are not the same anymore, I know the family including me worries about her. I know my mom Is sitting on the couch across from me, I know the dog is laying on the floor with one of her ears flopped over, i know we have lived in this house for about six years now, I know that our old house was in the middle of nowhere Michigan, I know I kinda want to go back there. I know We had a dog named Rosa who was really protective, I know we put her down because she was old and in a lot of pain, I know I ran away when i was seven, but I only ran to the tree in our front yard, I know I miss that tree, I know when I was little my sister tricked me that there was bunny tree, and the reason bunnies hop is because when they fall from the tree they bounce, I know i ate a lot of wild rhubarb at our old house, I know My dad died when i was almost two years old from a disease I still can't remember, I know when I tell people that they seem absolutely torn, I know I don't fully understand because I never really knew him or what it was like to have a dad. I know I have contemplated suicide, I know I'm glad i didn't go through with it. I know I have met a new father, I know He will help me meet my biological father in Heaven. This I know for sure, and I pray I may one day introduce you to this new father.
it's true
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July 15, 2011
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